Unwavering dedication and a lot of heart
Welcome to BORGLAB - a mixing, mastering, production and audio restoration facility geographically located in Stockholm, Sweden, but running amok on The Internet since 2004. Run by the guys pictured below, the studio is an evergrowing labour of love, strongly focused on providing our clients with high-quality audio services, unwavering dedication and a lot of heart.
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BORGLAB wields a hybrid setup consisting of renowned analogue and digital tools in an acoustically treated mix and mastering room. We provide professional compositions, arrangements and audio restoration work. Your recordings and mixes are provided with an extra set of experienced ears, proper balancing and that final sprinkle of fairy dust - that 'yep, that sounds ready' sound. Or, if you prefer and require it, a No Holds Barred pulverizing treatment with big and intimidating sledgehammers. That's up to you.

Each adventure in audio differs greatly in needs, wants and visions. We put our souls into every project we work on, as well as the hours required to get the job done. Your project will be handled with respect and we will make sure everything is ready for prime time before it ships out, be it for CD, vinyl, or strictly digital distribution, adding a professional and cohesive wholeness to your work in accordance with your specifications.
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With his roots firmly entrenched in the punk and hardcore DIY scene, Sven started BORGLAB with some very humble equipment in 2004, when fellow hardcore band The Smackdown got signed to Canadian Goodfellow Records and needed someone to master their albums. Many full length, EP and single releases later, working with a broad range of music, artists and labels, the studio has grown into a full-fledged professional mix and mastering environment.
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A producer with a degree in composition from Birmingham Conservatoire, Johan has been affiliated with BORGLAB on and off since the start, adding his exceptional production skills, talent and ears as time permits. Some of his recent production clients include Absolut Vodka, Swedish Television (SVT), and Warner Music. He's been on the SPNM shortlist for the most promising composers in the UK 2006-2009 and has won several composition awards, for example the Philip Bates Composition Prize and the Birmingham Chamber Music Society Composition Prize. Check out his work and contact info at www.johanericssondegerlund.com.
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